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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stress Management

It may seem that there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bills won’t stop coming and your career and family responsibilities will always be demanding. But managing stress is all about taking charge: of your thoughts, emotions, schedule, and the way you deal with problem. 
Stress management starts with identifying the sources of stress in your life. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Your true sources of stress aren’t always obvious, and it’s all too easy to overlook your own stress-inducing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Sure, you may know that you’re constantly worried about work deadlines. But maybe it’s your procrastination, rather than the actual job demands, that leads to deadline stress. 
To identify your true sources of stress, look closely at your habits, attitude, and excuses: 
 Do you explain away stress as temporary even though you can’t remember the last time you took a breather? 
 Do you define stress as an integral part of your work or home life or as a part of your personality . 
 Do you blame your stress on other people or outside events, or view it as entirely normal and unexceptional?
Until you accept responsibility for the role you play in creating or maintaining it, your stress level will remain outside your control. 
For more detailed information, please click here
Good Luck !

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Is Interplanetary Reporting ?

For the new bloggers who want to learn about this interesting topic, I recommend you follow this site that I have quoted below. 
At Google we like to create solutions for the future. And we imagine a future where web use won’t be restricted simply to Earth. Rather, people will want to visit their favorite sites while cruising around the rings of Saturn with friends or relaxing at the (inevitable) Mercury tanning facility. When the galaxy is our playground, marketers, analysts and webmasters will want to understand location use beyond Earth. For example, if you had a chain of taco stands and noticed many users visiting your website from the Mars outpost, well, that might help you make a business case to begin expanding your business to serve Mars colonists. That’s why today we’re announcing a sneak preview of our new Interplanetary Reports. While currently you only get a partial picture of website visitor location, we want to expand beyond Earth to help you understand visitor activities from neighboring stars and planets. You’ll also be able to drill down on each planet to see greater detail. For example, which colony or outpost your visitors came from similar to the city drill down available for Earth today. In order to help you improve slow interplanetary site speed we’re also adding an average page load time to this report to help you understand latency issues caused by distances between planets. When you slice and dice the data from these new reports, you might discover some interesting things. For example, we noticed a direct correlation between gravity and site bounce rate. Visitors coming from the moon bounced 6 times higher than those from earth. We figured you might have questions. So, following is a quick FAQ for current Google Analytics users: 
When will the new reports be released? 
The new reports are scheduled to be released to all users starting in the year 2030, when we anticipate local space travel becomes widespread. 
How far across space will the new reports track? 
We’ll start by tracking location from as far away as the Andromeda Galaxy, however as light speed travel becomes more widespread we’ll be integrating new (patent-pending) technologies to track visitors from greater locations. 
Does Google Analytics plan to also segment traffic by species? 
Non-human traffic is something we’ve been thinking about. As we work together with our space-faring friends, we’ll be introducing a new section within demographics to take into account any new species discovered. We hope you’re as excited as we are to explore the galaxy and also keep connected to the web. After all, updating your space logs (slogs) should be a social activity that users from across the galaxy can comment on, share, and of course measure. 
 - The Google Analytics team

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photoshop For Android

Did you know that Photoshop is available for android version. Android app name is a photoshop touch of course you are already accustomed to using adobe photoshop on a pc or mac. did you curious what it’s like editing images using Photoshop with a touch screen. Surely this is a new experience for croping and masking your images only using your fingertips. Curious and want to try it in tablet android please download via the link below. the price of photoshop touch is very cheap when compared if you buying a license for Adobe Photoshop CS5. Transform images with core Photoshop features in an app designed for tablets. Combine images, apply professional effects, share results with friends and family through sites like Facebook, and more – all from the convenience of your tablet.
 • Use Photoshop features designed for the tablet such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters to create mind-blowing images.
 • Use your tablet camera to fill an area on a layer with the exclusive camera fill feature.
 • Select part of an image to extract by scribbling with the Scribble Selection tool. With Refine Edge, use your fingertip to capture even hard-to-select image elements, like hair, with ease.
 • Search and acquire images with the integrated Google Image Search.
 • Share images on Facebook and view comments right within the app.
 • Browse an inspirational gallery for the styles and results you’d like to achieve. Then follow step-by-step tutorials to easily learn techniques the pros use for great-looking results.
 • Sync projects with Adobe Creative Cloud* and open layered files from Adobe Photoshop Touch in Photoshop.
 • Image resolution: 1600 x 1600 pixels By clicking the Install button, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Adobe Software License Agreement at *Internet connection required. Adobe online services, including the Adobe Creative Cloud* service, are available only to users 13 and older and require agreement to additional terms and Adobe’s online privacy policy at 
The applications and online services are not available in all countries or languages, may require user registration and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice. Additional fees or subscription charges may apply. Download the original version of photoshop touch for android apk from this link

Source :

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Herbal Medicine For Leukemia

Leukemia , in GreekLEUKOS ("white") AIMA ("blood"), or more commonly known as blood cancer is a disease in cancer classification (neoplasm) in the blood or bone marrow characterized by the abnormal or malignant transformation of blood-forming cells in bone marrow and lymphoid tissues, generally occurs in leukocytes (white blood cells). Normal cells in the bone marrow was replaced by normal or abnormal cells. These abnormal cells out of the marrow and can be found in the peripheral blood . Hematopoiesis or leukemia cells affect the formation of normal blood cells and immune patients. The word leukemia means white blood, because the people found a lot of whiteblood cells before therapy was given. White blood cells are cells that look much younger, for example promielosit. This raised the amount that can disrupt the normal function of other cells 
Instead of medical treatment, Leukemia can also be teated by the use of supplements and herbs as I have quoted below from multi sources.
 A person suffering from the various symptoms of leukemia will gain great benefit from the use of these supplements, and the various herbal remedies and other supplements given here will help support the overall health of the person and this will also boost the energy levels in a person suffering from leukemia. The diet of a person suffering from leukemia must contain wholesome foods and must be very rich in various essential nutrients as these all nutrients are extremely important for the person to fight off the various symptoms of the condition. Problems with the blood such as anemia is usually evident during leukemia in patients, therefore all supplements such as the entire B complex vitamins and a mineral like iron must be used as compulsory supplements to help build up the blood in the affected individual. These nutrients and minerals also serve as a vital source of energy at all times and help fight off physical fatigue which may be very persistent in all patients. A serious folic acid deficiency can also result due to the various prescription medications used as a treatment for leukemia, supplements of the vitamin folic acid are necessary for all patients suffering from leukemia because of this reason. The organic form of the mineral iron is the best supplemental form of the mineral, as it is the easiest form to absorb and its presence in the body will not lead to the production of many unwanted side-effects associated with the use of various iron pills. Infections occurring within the body can be countered through supplements of the vitamin C , the vitamin also helps in the strengthening of the blood vessels and protects the person from various toxins present in the body and which are often an underlying cause or the real reason behind an incidence of leukemia in a person. The action and effectiveness of the vitamin C within the body is supported by co-supplements of the plant based natural substances called the bioflavonoids - these compounds must always be used in conjunction with the vitamin C to improve the performance of the vitamin within the body. The blood vessels can be strengthened by these supplements, which also prevent bleeding when used together in a single combined dose. The side effects of medications used during cases of leukemia can also be countered by the use of vitamin E ; this vitamin can effectively reduce the intensity of all side effects arising as a result of prescription medication utilization over a long period of time. Cancer and its symptoms can also be moderated by supplements of both the vitamins C and E-these chemicals act in the prevention of all symptoms associated with cancer. 
For more detailed information, you can find it on this site : 
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