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Friday, April 11, 2014

Simple Tutorial to 3D Drawing of a Fruit

While I am doing exercises to make Animation designs as usual, you can also try to 3D drawing as I describe below.
Step 1
In Adobe InDesign CS3 create New Document. Then click Window>Object & Layout>Pathfinder
Step 2
Draw a circle with Pen Tool. From Pathfinder box select Elliptical icon to fix the circle.
Step 3
Fill the circle with Red color. Then save it in your computer Document., for example Fruit.jpg
Step 4
In Adobe Illustrator CS3 open Fruit.jpg from your Document File . Then draw a smaller circle in it and select Yellow color to fill in.
Step 5
Still in Adobe Illustrator CS3 click Effect>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Then type 50.0 for Radius.
Step 6.
 Draw another more smaller circle for putting the fruit stalk and fill with Green color. Click Effect>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Then type 10.0 for Radius.
Step 7.
 Draw the fruit stalk with Pen Tool and fill with Brown color. Click again Effect>Blur>Gaussian Blur. Then type 2.0 for Radius.
Step 8.
Done.Save your Fruit drawing in your Computer.

Happy Drawing !

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ancient Park

Exercising to drawing animation, I have tried to combine two video clips. I am still waiting for encouraging comments. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bat Cave

There are several caves around the Bat Cave which located in Purbalingga region, Central Jawa, Indonesia. A short walk turn right onto Chest Lawa Cave , the cave looks like of bat spread its wings , then called Dada Lawa Cave . Out of the Dada Lawa Cave we will turn right through the shower and Spring . According to folklore if you want to keep youthful face then wash here. Believe it or not.
Through the narrow hallway leading towards the bridge kept out , then we reach the Cave Cepet , why so named , because supposedly the cave entrance is often lost and difficult to get out . Then we exit through the narrow hallway leading to the cave Ratu Ayu . As long as we entered the cave , we will still feel fresh because of the large cave vents always blow air like air cooler . We feel as if it reduces fatigue of the visitors. So we did not feel tired through the about 1.300 m of cave long.
Rancid smell of bat droppings stung our noses down the mouth of the cave . We had to use a ladder to get into the cave mouth . Looking ahead , we saw only darkness around us. I immediately lit a torch that had been prepared while Surip burn incense . Bleber .. beleberrr ... The sound of flapping wings of hundreds of bats hanging around above our heads . Maybe the fire torch and flashlight disturb the peace of their sleep . We continue the journey . Because the room we had to walk a narrow ducking . If you encounter a place that is somewhat relieved , time to stand up and take a breath . It's nothing to walk while crouching turns make us sore waist and thighs all . The farther to get into, the more bat droppings on the floor of the cave . So many, dirt that may have accumulated decades and mixed with water to form slurry flow . Some parts even have it up to our waist .
Unlike Goa Lawa , Goa Lorong Kereta relatively smooth . Such as made by humans . However, the allegations were immediately vanished when we saw the form of a layer of earth in the form of a line along the right side of the cave .
 " There was no man be able to make this kind of artwork ," said Surip and Muhtadi . From the Muhtadi’s search results Muhtadi ,
 Lorong Kereta Cave has a length of about 1500 meters . It takes approximately 1 hour for the way to the finish . It's just that we have not worked out at the end of the cave . In the early part of the quarter , there was a section of the cave covered with mud up to chest height . And unfortunately we do not quite carry the equipment and preparation to pass . We were forced to turn around after resting for a moment to take a picture .
Bringing a powerful flashlight would be more likely to help you when through these caves . Because the smoke torch will only make our eyes sore and attract the attention of the sleeping bats . Find a Golden Doll cave located in the lower layers of the last cave corridor . Ir’s about five meters deeper . The most interesting object in this cave is the presence of golden doll statue in it . 

Source :

Friday, March 28, 2014

Paperclay Recipe

The models of stop motion animation can be made from paper clay. So you can create several models easily.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pencil Drawing Technique

 I have practiced the above information about how to draw correctly with pencil. And you can see now the result on the following picture. Am waiting for your comment and suggestion. Thank you so much.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Three Girl Fighters

While I do exercises in making Animation, I always learn some tutorials, especially about how to make drawing Animation. One of those tutorials is Paper Toy Animation. Another interesting and important tutorial Extracting image I believe that many of you have already known about some software that can manage the picture like Adobe Photoshop. We can create interesting pictures easily where you can edit the original picture or photo into different pictures as you like. Here you can see how I could create a fighting sequence amongst the three girl fighters.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Walking Alone

I am still exercising to make Animation with some characters drawn by myself. Should you have any suggestion, please leave comments here.

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