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Monday, August 30, 2010

Something Stupid

After listening to Clark Kent’s poem “ A walking Cliché “ from the nice blog Passion In Words , immediately I remembered the lyrics of the famous song sung by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman. I think that most of you know it well. Yep, that is Something Stupid :

I know I stand in line
until you think
you have the time
to spend an evening with me
and if we go
some place to dance
I know that
there's a change
you won't be
leaving with me
then afterwards
we drop into
a quit little place
and have a drink or two
and then I go
and spoil it all
by saying something stupid
like I love you

I can see it in your eyes
that you despise
the same old lines
you heard the night before

And though it's
just a line to you
for me it's true
and never seemed
so right before

I practice every day
to find some
clever lines to say
to make the meaning
come through
but then I think
I’ll wait until the
evening gets late
and I'm alone with you

The time is right
your perfume fills my head
the stars get red
and oh, the night's so blue
and then I go and spoil it all
by saying something stupid
like I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

Well, you can find that lovely song by searching it on YouTube, of course.

Enjoy and Happy Singing !
(D.S. Utomo)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bali: Where Art and Business Promotion Impressive.

A couple weeks ago I was reading God Bless Indonesia. Then I remembered about the island of Bali.

Who does not know Bali? I think, almost all people in the world knew it. Even those more familiar with the name of Bali than Indonesia. Once, when I studied abroad, I was often asked, where did I come When I answered that I come from Indonesia, they looked confused. Then they asked me in return: “ Indonesia? Where is Indonesia ?”. Immediately I understood their reluctance, and said : “Do you know Bali?” They answered : “Yes, we know Bali, that Island of Paradise !”. I replied that I come from that island. Then I explained that Bali is one of 17,000 islands owned by the State of Indonesia. They nodded, knowingly.

Bali Island is really one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. The natural beautiful landscape combined with a strong traditional culture including magical ritual ceremony is the part of fascination for this Island of Paradise. Many artists, such as painters from foreign countries come here to seeking inspiration. Some of them even ended up living in Bali.

Nowadays many Hollywood movie Celebrities also come for holiday and vacation in Bali. Several years ago Mick Jagger, a rock star from the Rolling Stones, had come also here. It seems that those movie stars realized that the island of Bali is one of the best promotions and impressive places on the world.. Of course they were not throwing off this good opportunity. . So they flocked to the island of Bali to make films with local unique cultural background..

Welcome to Bali! .
(D.S. Utomo)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Contract Management Software

Usually the contract lifecycle begins from request, authoring, negotiation, approval, execution, management of ongoing obligations to amendment and renewal of contracts. This is a very, very big job to manage, of course. In a large organization, for example, that does business with many entities, managing the numerous contracts manually can be a headache and needs very much time. But, do not worry ! In this IT millennium century we do have contract management software comes in handy.

Contract management software is not limited to large organizations. If you have smaller organizations with fewer users, then you can also benefit from the various advantages this software offers such as reduced contract administration costs, reduced exposure and better compliance.

In addition, Contract Management Software can either be open source or customized to respond to a business’ specific needs. If one chooses to go for open source software then it’s important to look for one that is adaptable to multiple systems.

For detailed information, please read more
Good Luck !
(D.S. Utomo)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let’s Vent on Soapbox Musings !

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Eric Olsen. He mentioned that it suddenly occurred to him that something has been missing from the excellent original content we have been writing for our opinions! They have been zeroed in on news and analysis, and that's very important and will certainly continue, but everyone needs to have fun, also, and let the opinions rip! Positive or negative, of great or minor import, a fleeting or entrenched thought nagging at our craw — say hello to "Soapbox Musings" .

He then added that all TR writers have access to this feature and we are very much encouraged to use it! Soapbox Musings stories can be as short as 100 words (longer is fine, too!) and can be on essentially any topic. Of course, this is our chance to stand on the soapbox and bemoan, praise, or opine on items in the news , real life occurrences, multimedia items (embedded video, etc), writing/blogging, the Internet, technology, etc.

Whatever our gripe, praise, or opinion may be, Soapbox Musings is our stage.
Wow…., it is really a wonderful idea. I like it.

Happy venting !
(D.S. Utomo)

How to Promote Your Sites

These tips actually have been much discussed in the sites by the senior bloggers. But maybe there are some colleagues who didn’t read them. So I describe again below
the information that I have taken from various sources.

Publicity is 90% done by the internet business. Without your blog or web publicity there would be no visitors at all. So, how to increase traffic web visitors? Here are some steps of publications ...

1. Join many communities or forums

Create a separate email specifically for the main e-mail mailing list so that you are not disturbed by the arrival of many emails.
Some Community Forums:

2. Link / Banner Exchange

Make a banner or link exchange URLs with other domain owners.

3. Search Engines
Submit your URL to many search engines:
Register your adsense URL manually into several search engines:

4. Offline promotion

Most of internet businesses have never done this offline promotion. But the offline promotion is also useful. I think you know about Multi Level Marketing business, or any other business that does not use the internet. But they were also able to make publication without the internet. They use stickers, posters, or any other kind of offline promotion.

Good Luck !
(D.S. Utomo)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chicago Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk

Today is August 6th, 2010. I am imagining to lace up my shoes together with my brother Brian Gardner and other people for the Chicago Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk, and start an emotional journey that will take us 60 very long and grueling miles. This walk is very hot, this walk is very painful. There is sweat, and there are many tears.

We don’t walk to get recognition. we don’t walk because we want people to think of us heroes We walk so that a little girl can grow up and spend time with her mother. We walk so that a mother can watch her daughter walk down the aisle at her wedding. We walk so that we don’t have to console another friend while a part of her life was taken too soon. We walk because we are physically able to, while others are not. We walk because we have been given so much, and we want to give back as much as we can.

We walk, because we cannot walk away… and when our time on earth comes to an end, we want everyone to know… we were here… .

Happy Walking !
(D.S. Utomo – Indonesia)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Modern Channel DJ Mixer

If you want to successfully manage the sound system at a live show that many people attend, then you are advised to use a modern mixer that has an average of two or six-channel stereo audio for mixing a variety of sources. Such equipment is usually already equipped with separate controls for each channel, and also includes a few microphone inputs or additional inputs to the additional channels.

According to the above information , and based on my experience as an Event Organizer, I would like to propose you use Channel DJ Mixer ..

I hope you will be successful and satisfied with that modern equipment.