Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let’s Vent on Soapbox Musings !

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Eric Olsen. He mentioned that it suddenly occurred to him that something has been missing from the excellent original content we have been writing for our opinions! They have been zeroed in on news and analysis, and that's very important and will certainly continue, but everyone needs to have fun, also, and let the opinions rip! Positive or negative, of great or minor import, a fleeting or entrenched thought nagging at our craw — say hello to "Soapbox Musings" .

He then added that all TR writers have access to this feature and we are very much encouraged to use it! Soapbox Musings stories can be as short as 100 words (longer is fine, too!) and can be on essentially any topic. Of course, this is our chance to stand on the soapbox and bemoan, praise, or opine on items in the news , real life occurrences, multimedia items (embedded video, etc), writing/blogging, the Internet, technology, etc.

Whatever our gripe, praise, or opinion may be, Soapbox Musings is our stage.
Wow…., it is really a wonderful idea. I like it.

Happy venting !
(D.S. Utomo)


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