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Monday, March 28, 2011

Serious Impacts of Japan Quake Disaster

Here again our blogger friend Stephen Barrett sent us “Tales from Japan” as I quoted a part of it below.

Amidst all the news and busyness of recent events, I actually saw Chiba (my local prefecture) shown on the news for the first time last night, after a week of watching the aftermath in Tohoku and the nuclear crisis in Fukushima.

Chiba`s biggest problem at the moment is not damage from tsunamis, which pummeled towns in the east after the barrage of earthquakes along the pacific plate, but "land liquification." A lot of land in Japan, particularly near Tokyo bay and other coastal areas is artificial. And these areas of artificial land react to large earthquakes by turning to liquid and that as you can see by the pictures below causes a number of structural problems for those cities, as well as poses a very real danger to those living in affected areas. The ground is literally sinking beneath their own feet, homes, roads, power lines are slowly sinking into the earth with each aftershock or subsequent earthquake. The once prestine beautiful bay area has turned into a swamp overnight.

We appreciate the updates, Stephen, and pray for your safety and well-being.

Glad you are safe. This is very good information you are sharing with us, about the ongoing crisis, and what, you have to deal with, being there.

God bless you and your family !
(DS. Utomo)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing Rose Trace : Adventure Story of Four Teens Gang

Suddenly Dul’s eyes saw a sharp object that hurtle toward his chest. Quickly as a flash he dodged, as he grabbed it. When the knife was caught right in the wood grip, it feels great thrill, as if rotated and swung his arm by some invisible force. He staggered a bit, and scratched his left arm slightly to bleed. But the fat boy Dul soon mastered himself. He put his legs on the earth as tight as possible while mobilizing force within. Both of his legs as if stuck into the earth, but only very briefly, because as fast as lightning he was shot again flew upward sloping. He managed to dodge from the sword coming from his opponent who had come quickly from the side. This blitzkrieg failed on his body. Even otherwise the attacker turn of speed that he stumbled due to muster that just made his slide out of control. Again and again he lost balance. His big body looked shaky and almost fell backward. The man with cropped hair seemed absurdly angry. His eyes turned red, spewing anger and hatred. Hastily he turned, then quickly jabbed his sword into the gut of Dul. However, the fat level of vigilance was at the peak of the most high. Once again he dodged quickly, tilting the body, and avoid the deadly attacks earlier. For the umpteenth time the sword just tears off the air. , failed to touch the target. Back he stumbled out of balance . The failure of these attacks make him more upset and angry. Fire bursts of anger radiating out from his red-eyes.

Looking at this shaky position , Dul quickly changed his fighting strategy and tactics . He began to clown when the fight was in full swing. With the cute faces, and a silly smile, he seemed to dance around his opponent who was still stumbling, while occasionally waving a knife at the man with cropped hair, even though the distance is far away.

Dul continued spinning and dancing with a knife in his hand, imitating the style of the legendary black boxer Mohammad Ali, the big mouth, who was boxing while dancing on tiptoe and smiling in the ring. The man with cropped hair seemed more angry. He felt cheated and abused by the fat boy..His eyes glow implies unbridled emotion. His sweat was streaming down over his body. Repeatedly he swang his sword, but Dul had already jumped to fly to another place, without the slightest attack. This time the Dul intentionally made increasingly frantic opponent, again, again and again.

Later on the bandit really looked tired and frustrated. Especially after Dul applied his new strategy of fighting. He could only run here and there like a chick who lost her hen .
In a state of panic and despair, he suddenly issued a mainstay in the last moment. He suddenly sprinted quickly and threw himself flying toward the boy , with sword outstretched to the front, ready to enter into Dul’s chest . But with the instinct that has been trained well, Dul quickly settled down to the side, while the attacker continued to fly and fly, then landed fell down on the ground. For a moment seemed he tried to stand up, but apparently Dul did not want to give chance. Before the bandit stood up straight, Dul gave him a great shot of attack.

"Shiiyyaaaakkkk .. ... ..", he shout and swung the kick straight into the stocky opponent's head. At glance it looked the kidnapper staggered back, then he fell down again. Apparently he passed out, unconscious……. .

The dramatic scenario described above is an excerpt from an Indonesian children's story book entitled "The Missing Rose Trace" written by my daughter Linda Herliantina. The book contains 144 pages and published by Mizan Publishing House, Bandung, Indonesia.

The Four Teens Gang consists of 4 teenagers, Aryo, Iqbal, Jalu and Dul. They were aged about 14 years. In their adventures against hordes of evil villains, the gang did not use violence, but the tenderness and patience .. They've been helping the police in uncovering cases of smuggling and kidnapping the children.

If you have any ideas or suggestions , please leave comments here.
(DS. Utomo)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Day in Cismigiu Park

Yesterday I got a message in my BlogCatalog’s profile from my blogger friend AndiBob who asked me whether I have missed something in Romania after reading about Dracula Tours in Romania on my post . Yes, of course. For example, I have missed the beautiful Cismigiu park.

If you’ve ever been in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, you should’ve found Cismigiu Park there This park is quite spacious and has a leafy plant, so that in summer we can take shelter under a leafy tree. In the spring time or Primavara (as Romanians call it), the flowers seem to appear earlier than the leaves. What a very beautiful sight ! There is also a small pond with some pelican birds and swans swimming around the pool.

Cismigiu park is located near the University of Bucharest, so that many students like a walk during the break time..It’s also provided several benches here for sitting while enjoying the ambiance and beauty of the park. Not only the students who come mingle there, but there are also the parents with their children .

In the summer or Vara, this park is crowded by people. Actually there is one more park in the city of Bucharest, namely Herastau park, but it’s located some distance away in the suburbs. In Herastau park you can find a wider lake, because the garden is larger than Cismigiu park. Here people can even paddle around the lake with small boats or canoe.

For foreign students like me, the park is a natural laboratory for Romanian language , because we can practice conversing directly in Romanian with park visitors, especially with sweet Romanian teenage girls. By frequently communicating with the locals everyday you can immediately speak well in Romanian language.

Sometimes we meet a gipsy woman in the Cismigiu park. She is known as future teller. By looking at the lines of your palms, she can predict about your age. Usually she always says that you will live long time with many children around you .Hearing all these predictions, your hearts would feel so happy as if that dream will become reality in the future. Then immediately you will smile and won’t hesitate to give some tips to that gipsy woman.

Have a Nice Journey in Romania !
(DS. Utomo)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Timberland Shoes and Boots

If you are a fan of shoes or boots, of course you would choose good quality ones with super brand. There are many shoes in the shop, but try this one, namely Timberland shoes . Why? The reasons why many people choose this brand are:.
- they are strong and not easily damaged
- they are comfortable to wear
- they are fashionable, especially among young people who like Hip-Hop dancing on the streets .

Timberland shoes are as a brand in terms of quality leather. They are finely processed and offer a comfortable fit. Meanwhile, there are already over 50 different models of the rise trend of Timberland shoes.

There are completely brand new in women's boots and men's boots , which together stand out for its excellent quality with nice design. Timberland boots are water repellent, completes the comfort perfectly. Anyone who are interested can also order the matching jacket to Timberland.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let Us Pray For Japan

After waiting impatiently for the news from the first hand about the Biggest Earthquake in Japan, finally this morning I could read “Tales from Japan” posted by our blogger friend Stephen Barrett who live there, as I quoted a part of it below.

Well, there is not a whole much to stay that hasn`t already been said, not a lot to see that hasn`t already been seen

As we were out, I made it a plan to get some food and other supplies we might need, especially in light of the news of blackouts to come. And of course scarcity was before me; from convenient stores to grocery and even gasoline stands, there was little to nothing left of useful items nor gasoline. A sign of more difficulty to come.

Today I prayed with all my heart for those who are crying out in need and desperation. May their cries be heard and may aid swiftly come and may they know of His kindness and genuine love for them. It is better to enter into the Kingdom maimed then to lose oneself completely. If we are to suffer let it not be meaningless but bring forth good of every kind.

I am amazed at the goodness of heart that can be borne of great tragedy, yet, it is sad that it takes such disaster to move the human heart to such kindness. It seems though without great catastrophe humanity would easily lose itself to apathy and indifference.
So what is next? What is in store for tomorrow and the days to come? I do not know, but I must entrust myself to Him that makes all things to work towards His ultimate "good" purpose. If He holds the words of life, (as the apostle Peter said) where else can we go?

For more sharing of sympathy, please read here

Let’s pray for Japan and the whole world !
(DS. Utomo)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Natural Disaster in Japan

An earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale has caused a tsunami as high as 4 feet that hit the island of Honshu, Japan, on Friday, March 11, 2011. It is reported that a number of people injured and entire regions of the island is now submerged.

As a result of the quake was felt not only by residents of the island of Honshu alone. In Tokyo, the manager of the Tokyo Metro subway has decided to suspend operations until the state declared safe. The Shinkansen Bullet Trains also stopped operating shortly after the quake shook the region.

Tokyo Regional Government also closed the 19 sluice gates in the city to prevent the things that are not desirable.

Earlier the Japanese Meteorological Agency said that the strength of an earthquake of 7.9 on the Richter scale. But the United States Geological Survey (USGS) confirmed the measurement error of the original strength of the quake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale.

The quake centered 382 kilometers northeast of Tokyo at a depth of 10 kilometers. Earthquake shocks felt in almost all areas on the Pacific coast of Japan, including Tokyo and Osaka. Several people were reportedly injured and clouds of black smoke seen rising from a building located in the Odaiba waterfront area.

Some nuclear power plants and oil refineries of Japan was closed on Friday and a major steel mill on fire after a powerful earthquake rocked the country, bending roads, triggered landslides and destroyed homes and business district

Let's pray either for Japan or for the whole world, too !
(DS. Utomo)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something More About Self Healing

After reading my article here some friends of mine have asked me to give more tips about Self Healing. Immediately I tried to collect related information through my BlogCatalog Discussion Forum and other sources.
Then I selected a good related information , i.e. Self Healing Exercises as I quoted a part of it below.

Morning energizing exercise

On waking, and whilst still in a relaxed state, check each part of your body. Note any part which is not at ease. Breathe in, and as you breathe out, concentrate on your big toe, feel it coming alive -- feel the blood flowing inside, feel it getting warm. Move along to the next toe and the next, concentrating on each in turn. Wriggle all your toes. Concentrate on your foot, feeling the blood, bones and skin warm and alive. Continue up the leg. When you reach the knee, bend your leg, flex the muscles. When you reach the top of your leg return to the other big toe and repeat the process to the top of that leg.

Now concentrate on the body, the organs, the intestines. Breathe in, feel the lungs expanding, feel the heart beating. Flex the back muscles and check the spine.
When you reach the shoulders, concentrate on an arm --remember to move all joints when you reach them. Flex the wrist, spread the hand and the fingers, flex the muscles. Go to the other shoulder and repeat. The neck is next; it is movable, so move it

Now activate the head, starting with the face. Move your jaw, puff out your cheeks, poke out your tongue, wrinkle your nose, sniff the air, roll your eyes, stretch your brows. Listen in order to activate your ears, concentrate on your brain, sense outside the head and notice how your hair sits like a cap on your head.

Concentrate on a spot just above the top of your head -- you may sense a colour, or else a beautiful colourful place. As you watch the image, one colour will stand out from the rest. This is the colour you need for the day. Your aura needs this colour. Put your hands on areas which feel imbalanced and feel the colour pulsating through your hands into the area. Whilst transferring the colour, try to sense why the imbalance has occurred.
Should the discomfort return during the day, through your hands, put the same colour in the area and it will be relieved.

Some mornings you may have found that the clothes you put on that day felt very uncomfortable. This was because you had chosen a colour which was not in harmony with your energy needs, and your aura was desperately seeking a colour to balance itself. By finding your colour through the exercise just described, you will save time and energy going through your entire wardrobe looking for something which feels right for the day.

The exercise takes time at first, but once you get used to moving through your own body you will find it can be done in a few minutes. The exercise can benefit everyone, psychic or not.
To add to your well-being for the day, you will find it very beneficial if you now attend to your energy flow.

Really hope the above mentioned tips would be very useful to you.
Good Luck !
(DS. Utomo)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Have You Been Camping Before?

After reading my blogger friend Rebecca’s story , I remember when I was studying in Romania many years ago, I have been traveling there, especially during holiday season, either in summer or in winter.

In the summer holiday, we usually took vacation on the Black Sea beaches. There are some really nice sites here, such as Mamaia, Constanza, Costinesti and so on. It's always a bonus to be near water and have the choice to go swimming as well ! (as Rebecca's friend Natalie said).

While in the winter season, we visited mountainous regions, such as Transylvania, where people can visit beautiful places through Dracula Tours in Romania .

You 'd get thick snow here during the winter, because the temperature could reach – 20 degrees Celsius. It was very very cold of course, especially for us who live in tropical countries which have average temperature 20 degrees Celsius. Here we have no snowing, but it’s raining every day during the wet season. Beside Island of Paradise Bali we have many more attractions and camping sites in Indonesia too.

Several years ago I have been in UK to participate in Training Of Trainers (TOT) Course at the Royal Institute of Public Administration (RIPA) London. I had also opportunity to visit the famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, Heysham Nuclear Power Plant in Lancashire , and some tourist attractions there. It was very interesting and awesome journey. Therefore, I always hope to enjoying it again someday.

Have a Happy Journey and Traveling !
(DS. Utomo)

First Steps to Launching Your Business Dream

According to Brian Gardner it is very important to seek relationships with others in the internet . He added that the most important person he networked with was Cory Miller . The latter just launched his newest personal project called StartupSofa — where he hopes to help aspiring and rookie entrepreneurs. They’ve got a community forum … and he’s doing the first webinar Jan. 14 called First Steps to Launching Your Business Dream.
Here is the description to the first webinar he’s doing below:

“I have a great business idea, now what?”

Over the last couple years since I launched my business, I’ve had countless friends and acquaintances ask me about starting their own businesses, only to find out that they did not have the proper motivation, clear goals and objectives or commitment necessarily to be successful in business.

Admittedly, often what some have asked was simply this: “How do I get rich without any effort?”
So I’ve refined that first meeting to hammer one big hairy thought home with aspiring entrepreneurs (or those who pose as them) … which is :

Starting a business has been the single hardest job I’ve ever had in my life. It’ll be the toughest thing you ever do. Wimps need not apply.

I do follow up this statement to a select few who I think have what it takes to launch a startup with this one:

It’s also the most fun, fulfilling and rewarding job I’ve ever had.
But if you’re looking for overnight success … you have better odds and will create less damage by buying a lottery ticket.

So I’ve learned if you don’t have a healthy respect for the task at hand at starting a business … and the passion and commitment to work hard, to put in the time and effort necessary to make it a go … then stop now before you get started.

Honestly, I’d rather you not waste the time of your family and friends (and potential customers) because odds are you’re going to fizzle out before you launch … or fall hard and take them with you.

In this inaugural webinar for StartupSofa, I’m going to attempt to scare you … humble you …. and force you to dig deep inside yourself (and ultimately with your significant other) to make sure you are committed to the startup task before you waste time or money.

Good Luck !