Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Day in Cismigiu Park

Yesterday I got a message in my BlogCatalog’s profile from my blogger friend AndiBob who asked me whether I have missed something in Romania after reading about Dracula Tours in Romania on my post . Yes, of course. For example, I have missed the beautiful Cismigiu park.

If you’ve ever been in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, you should’ve found Cismigiu Park there This park is quite spacious and has a leafy plant, so that in summer we can take shelter under a leafy tree. In the spring time or Primavara (as Romanians call it), the flowers seem to appear earlier than the leaves. What a very beautiful sight ! There is also a small pond with some pelican birds and swans swimming around the pool.

Cismigiu park is located near the University of Bucharest, so that many students like a walk during the break time..It’s also provided several benches here for sitting while enjoying the ambiance and beauty of the park. Not only the students who come mingle there, but there are also the parents with their children .

In the summer or Vara, this park is crowded by people. Actually there is one more park in the city of Bucharest, namely Herastau park, but it’s located some distance away in the suburbs. In Herastau park you can find a wider lake, because the garden is larger than Cismigiu park. Here people can even paddle around the lake with small boats or canoe.

For foreign students like me, the park is a natural laboratory for Romanian language , because we can practice conversing directly in Romanian with park visitors, especially with sweet Romanian teenage girls. By frequently communicating with the locals everyday you can immediately speak well in Romanian language.

Sometimes we meet a gipsy woman in the Cismigiu park. She is known as future teller. By looking at the lines of your palms, she can predict about your age. Usually she always says that you will live long time with many children around you .Hearing all these predictions, your hearts would feel so happy as if that dream will become reality in the future. Then immediately you will smile and won’t hesitate to give some tips to that gipsy woman.

Have a Nice Journey in Romania !
(DS. Utomo)



colson said...

As far as I know Romania as beautiful and interesting it is, over twenty years after Nicola Ceausescu was toppled, unfortunately is still a poor and pretty corrupt EU member. Which makes many Romanians look for a better life elsewhere. Including the Netherlands.

By the way - to me the language seems to be pretty tough. It is really great you speak Romanian!

Andi said...

Beautiful post, thank you! Have a lovely Sunday!

DS. Utomo said...

Hi, Andi: Really appreciate your comments. Have a great week ahead !
Multumesc foarte mult.

DS. Utomo said...

Hi, colson: Your comments always inspire me to explore more beautiful places around the world. I have ever been in Netherlands too and had eaten at Indonesian restaurant in Rotterdam. Have a great week ahead !