Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something More About Self Healing

After reading my article here some friends of mine have asked me to give more tips about Self Healing. Immediately I tried to collect related information through my BlogCatalog Discussion Forum and other sources.
Then I selected a good related information , i.e. Self Healing Exercises as I quoted a part of it below.

Morning energizing exercise

On waking, and whilst still in a relaxed state, check each part of your body. Note any part which is not at ease. Breathe in, and as you breathe out, concentrate on your big toe, feel it coming alive -- feel the blood flowing inside, feel it getting warm. Move along to the next toe and the next, concentrating on each in turn. Wriggle all your toes. Concentrate on your foot, feeling the blood, bones and skin warm and alive. Continue up the leg. When you reach the knee, bend your leg, flex the muscles. When you reach the top of your leg return to the other big toe and repeat the process to the top of that leg.

Now concentrate on the body, the organs, the intestines. Breathe in, feel the lungs expanding, feel the heart beating. Flex the back muscles and check the spine.
When you reach the shoulders, concentrate on an arm --remember to move all joints when you reach them. Flex the wrist, spread the hand and the fingers, flex the muscles. Go to the other shoulder and repeat. The neck is next; it is movable, so move it

Now activate the head, starting with the face. Move your jaw, puff out your cheeks, poke out your tongue, wrinkle your nose, sniff the air, roll your eyes, stretch your brows. Listen in order to activate your ears, concentrate on your brain, sense outside the head and notice how your hair sits like a cap on your head.

Concentrate on a spot just above the top of your head -- you may sense a colour, or else a beautiful colourful place. As you watch the image, one colour will stand out from the rest. This is the colour you need for the day. Your aura needs this colour. Put your hands on areas which feel imbalanced and feel the colour pulsating through your hands into the area. Whilst transferring the colour, try to sense why the imbalance has occurred.
Should the discomfort return during the day, through your hands, put the same colour in the area and it will be relieved.

Some mornings you may have found that the clothes you put on that day felt very uncomfortable. This was because you had chosen a colour which was not in harmony with your energy needs, and your aura was desperately seeking a colour to balance itself. By finding your colour through the exercise just described, you will save time and energy going through your entire wardrobe looking for something which feels right for the day.

The exercise takes time at first, but once you get used to moving through your own body you will find it can be done in a few minutes. The exercise can benefit everyone, psychic or not.
To add to your well-being for the day, you will find it very beneficial if you now attend to your energy flow.

Really hope the above mentioned tips would be very useful to you.
Good Luck !
(DS. Utomo)


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It's very useful information. Thanks for sharing it.