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Monday, October 31, 2011

Freshwater Aquascaping

Entropic Aquatic is a business unit engaged in the procurement services for a variety of product-themed art aquatic life. The main focus of our efforts is to aquascaping and aquatic plants.However, we also provide services in the field of marineaquarium decor, koi pond waterfall, and garden landscaping. Aquatic entropic supported by members who experienced more than 10 years in the relevant field. For similar business units, ourservice rates are relatively less expensive, of course, with quality that can not be disputed. In order to assist clients in selecting our products, we provide consultancy services in order that prospective clients can determine the design, equipment, and services package that suits their needs.
To ensure our services remain of products in accordance with the needs and desires of our clients, we also provide aftersales service, warranty, and free maintenance on our service product. 
Here are some public places that have ever used our services in the manufacture of freshwater aquarium and aquascaping: 
1. Freshwater World, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Miniature Garden of Beautiful Indonesia) 
2. Grand Indonesia Kempinsky PR. 
3. PT Plaza. Housing Development 
4. Astra Credit Company T.B Simatupang 
5. Global International Performance School , 
6. Department PSP, IPB (Bogor Intitute of Agriculture 
In addition to decorating services, we also provide a complete procurement package of aquarium. For more detailed information, please click here 

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ubud Writers Festival in Bali

A couple weeks ago my senior blogger fellow Colson wrote about an interesting event carried out in Bali. ANZ Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF) opens with a festive Gala Opening celebration in the Royal Palace, October 5 2011. The event was officially opened by Sapta Nirwandar Director General of Marketing for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Its audiences are spreading the word and being anticipated the most diverse, rewarding and enriching Festival ever. The writers are coming, the readers are booking, Ubud is opening its heart to welcome the literary community as never before! Whether your passion is poetry, your fetish is fiction, your love is of language, you’ll find it here.
In the four days ahead, ANZ UWRF will present an array of over 100 programs with 137 writers from 20 countries, including Indonesia. Acclaimed and emerging Indonesian writers will be sharing panels with international writers in various sessions that wraps around the Festival’s theme for the year: “Nandurin Karang Awak-Cultivate The Land Within” 
The luxury of laughter 
Among the big issues and concerns in the Festival program, laughter will ripple through the sessions. Seriously funny people at this year’s event include Hong Kong‘s best selling author of The Feng Shui Detective series, Nury Vittachi. Nury will romp through the delicate art of putting humour on the page in company with writer, comedian and actor Corinne Grant of Rove Live and The Glasshouse notoriety, the charismatic Iraqi born Rodaan Al Galidi and Sri Lankan novelist Shehan Karunatilaka. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone is travel memoirist Brian Thacker, whose best selling reflections are brilliantly entertaining and hilariously irreverent. 
Watch out for the mayhem among the meaningful in the main program. Prepare for madness and wear comfortable clothing. 
Wow…. It’s really very sensational !

Monday, October 17, 2011

How Could Sun Storms Affect Climate ?

These days in Jakarta, Indonesia, it’s already raining. Usually now it has entered the rainy season. But in other areas, such as in East Java, it has not rained. Even there the air gets very hot and there are some areas that have difficulty with clean water. According to forecasts of some astronomers in 2012 will occur Sun Storms. Now it’s just about 3 months more to year of 2012. `Would Sun Storms that cause climate change drastically happen?
The most direct influence would come if the change meant a rise or fall in the total energy the Sun radiated upon the Earth, the so-called "solar constant." The development of highly accurate radiometers in the 1970s raised hopes that variations well below one percent could be detected at last. But few trusted any of the measurements from the ground or even from stratospheric balloons. Rockets launched above the atmosphere provided brief observations that seemed to show variation over time, but it was hard to rule out instrumentation errors. Nor were many convinced by Peter Foukal when he applied modern statistical methods to Abbot's huge body of old data, and turned up a faint connection between sunspots and the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth. Even if that were accepted, was it because the Sun emitted less energy? Or was it because ultraviolet radiation from solar storms somehow changed the upper atmosphere, which in turn somehow influenced climate, and thus affected how much sunlight Abbot had seen at the surface 
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Make Money With StudioPress

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4. Community and Blog 
We want to work closely with our Affiliates so once you’re all signed up join us to discuss tips and tricks to help you make more money and stay up to date on the latest promotions by following our Twitter and Facebook updates. 
 Thanks so much for supporting StudioPress and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Textile Painting Technique

After searching the information needed for my daughter’s fashion business, finally I got the following textile painting technique.. Textile painting can be freely interpreted as a technique to make patterns or decorate fabric by painting directly on fabric. The difference with paint on canvas, painting onfabric using a special paint that resists washed and ironed. So, this painting on cloth instead of using oil paints. This technique is easier than screen printing, because it does not require special tools such as the process of the latter. This technique is also not as complex as air brush techniques, but the results are not spectacular, too .
Materials Required: 

 1. Opaque: A type of white pasta as a main ingredient. Opaque is used as base material for screen printing . It can be obtained at stores that sell screen printing materials. 

 2. Binder: Fluid as a mixture of white pasta. It serves to dilute the opaque which is too dense to be liquid. It can be obtained at stores that sell screen printing materials. We recommend that you purchase this material rather a lot, because the binder is much more widely used than opaque. Then mix the two ingredients to be applied to the fabric. The ratio of Opaque-Binder mixing formula = 4: 1 . 

 3. Sandy dyes are cheap . You need not to buy a lot, because we need only a few drops of paint color in each formula textile painting. Sandy dyes can be bought everywhere at the screen printing shop, a stationery store that sells paint for posters and the like. We just bought 3 bottles of dyes for the creation of any color, namely blue, red and yellow. Three basic colors (primary) is the parent of all colors in the color world, except white. So we can mix colors to match our desires. 

Source :

Monday, October 10, 2011

Developing Applications for Android Devices

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware, and key applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and libraries necessary to begin developing applications that run on Android-powered devices. This site provides information about Google projects based on the Android platform, such as external libraries that extend the platform, hosted services and APIs, and more. Everything on this site is provided by Google for the benefit of Android developers. If you are interested in developing applications for Android devices, please visit the Android Developers site at which contains the following information. The Dev Guide provides a practical introduction to developing applications for Android and documentation about major platform features. It explores the concepts behind Android, the framework for constructing an application, and the tools for developing, testing, and publishing software for the platform. The Dev Guide is divided into several sections: Android Basics An initial orientation to Android — what it is, what it offers, and how your application fits in. Framework Topics Discussions of particular parts of the Android framework and API. For an introduction to the framework, begin with Application Fundamentals. Then explore other topics — from designing a user interface and setting up resources to storing data and using permissions — as needed. Android Market Topics Documentation for topics that concern publishing and monetizing applications on Android Market, such as how to enforce licensing policies and implement in-app billing. Developing Directions for using Android's development and debugging tools, and for testing the results. Publishing Instructions on how to prepare your application for deployment and how to publish it when it's ready. Best Practices Recommendations on preferred techniques for writing applications that perform efficiently and work well for the user. Web Applications Documentation about how to create web applications that work seamlessly on Android-powered devices and create Android applications that embed web-based content. Appendix Reference information and specifications, as well as FAQs, a glossary of terms, and other information.