Friday, October 14, 2011

Textile Painting Technique

After searching the information needed for my daughter’s fashion business, finally I got the following textile painting technique.. Textile painting can be freely interpreted as a technique to make patterns or decorate fabric by painting directly on fabric. The difference with paint on canvas, painting onfabric using a special paint that resists washed and ironed. So, this painting on cloth instead of using oil paints. This technique is easier than screen printing, because it does not require special tools such as the process of the latter. This technique is also not as complex as air brush techniques, but the results are not spectacular, too .
Materials Required: 

 1. Opaque: A type of white pasta as a main ingredient. Opaque is used as base material for screen printing . It can be obtained at stores that sell screen printing materials. 

 2. Binder: Fluid as a mixture of white pasta. It serves to dilute the opaque which is too dense to be liquid. It can be obtained at stores that sell screen printing materials. We recommend that you purchase this material rather a lot, because the binder is much more widely used than opaque. Then mix the two ingredients to be applied to the fabric. The ratio of Opaque-Binder mixing formula = 4: 1 . 

 3. Sandy dyes are cheap . You need not to buy a lot, because we need only a few drops of paint color in each formula textile painting. Sandy dyes can be bought everywhere at the screen printing shop, a stationery store that sells paint for posters and the like. We just bought 3 bottles of dyes for the creation of any color, namely blue, red and yellow. Three basic colors (primary) is the parent of all colors in the color world, except white. So we can mix colors to match our desires. 

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

colson said...

Apart from knowing how to paint textile now ( :)), this post reads as a declaration of love to your daughter. As a fellow father-of-a-daughter I recognize the emotion :).

King.Aquascape said...

Nice info gan...
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Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson : Wow..., thanks for your honest compliments, Jerry ! My same feeling for you, too, as a fellow father-of-a-daughter.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@King Aquascape : Thanks for comments. I'll check out your blog, too.