Monday, October 31, 2011

Freshwater Aquascaping

Entropic Aquatic is a business unit engaged in the procurement services for a variety of product-themed art aquatic life. The main focus of our efforts is to aquascaping and aquatic plants.However, we also provide services in the field of marineaquarium decor, koi pond waterfall, and garden landscaping. Aquatic entropic supported by members who experienced more than 10 years in the relevant field. For similar business units, ourservice rates are relatively less expensive, of course, with quality that can not be disputed. In order to assist clients in selecting our products, we provide consultancy services in order that prospective clients can determine the design, equipment, and services package that suits their needs.
To ensure our services remain of products in accordance with the needs and desires of our clients, we also provide aftersales service, warranty, and free maintenance on our service product. 
Here are some public places that have ever used our services in the manufacture of freshwater aquarium and aquascaping: 
1. Freshwater World, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Miniature Garden of Beautiful Indonesia) 
2. Grand Indonesia Kempinsky PR. 
3. PT Plaza. Housing Development 
4. Astra Credit Company T.B Simatupang 
5. Global International Performance School , 
6. Department PSP, IPB (Bogor Intitute of Agriculture 
In addition to decorating services, we also provide a complete procurement package of aquarium. For more detailed information, please click here 

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colson said...

If I ever were to have a pond or aquarium and wanted to turn it into the neighbourhood's artistic miracle, I now know where to go for professional advice. :-P

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson : Thanks for your comments, Jerry . Have a happy feeling every time you wake up in the morning !