Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Little Blue House

The Little Blue House (LBH) works with children and their parents in low-income communities to foster students' social and academic development in a safe, supportive environment. Through constructive activities and focus-improving exercises, the organization aims to ensure healthy behavioral development, including full participation in class and the formation of strong social bonds with both peers and adults.
LBH hosts an Out-of-School Time program that meets after school for the duration of the academic year, providing a haven where local children from low-income families can engage in fun, developmental activities. The program concentrates on three areas of improvement in students: socialization, verbalization, and impulse control. Structured social activities teach children to listen and follow instructions, verbally express thoughts and feelings, and resist acting out in disruptive ways. LBH's program helps to instill discipline in children and engage withdrawn students in meaningful, constructive social interactions with their peers. 
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colson said...

Little Blue House is a cute name. On the face of it LBH is sympathetic. I have some doubt though; I'm not sure if low- income and the emphasis on discipline is that fortunate.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson : Maybe you are right. Really appreciate your comments. Dank je wel !