Sunday, November 27, 2011

Japanese Unique Tradition

The Japanese always seem mysterious. They rarely smile, stiff and often mutually visible behavior. Knowing what's behind the habit of many might be lifted a little mystique. Kimono, sumo, chopsticks and sake are the four things that are always associated with Japan. They affect too much their way of life.
Kimono for example, this traditional dress was not just cover the body. Many of the philosophy of life contained in them. Wearing kimono should not be arbitrary. There is a rule that must be followed. Not only that, a lot of unique things to be done in the society related to such matters.
 Chopsticks are inseparable in the way of eating. Most Japanese people will break the chopsticks into two parts finished eating. According to custom, when the chopsticks are not broken, they will be stricken with an illness caused by food.However, today the tradition is only done when dining in restaurants. For dining at home, each family member keep their own chopsticks. Exchanging chopsticks made taboo because it can be considered to bring bad luck. Buddhism influenced culture that also affect the importance of these objects.Japanese society is always to provide such offerings to spirits of relatives in the form of a bowl of rice with a pair of chopsticks stuck upright in the middle of rice. At first glance this thing will be shaped like a cemetery with chopsticks as a headstone. 
 We might ask why the Sumo player always be  fat and big body. Indeed, the main requirement is the player Sumo, a man with a large bone structure, and able and willing to add weight. Not all sumo players should be big since childhood. In fact, many of them became big and bloated after entering specialist training. When someone has been accepted as a sumo player, he should be able to keep the "greatness" of his body.. Many young people aspire to as a sumo player. This is understandable because a sumo champion has a special place in society. Each player is considered the god of his native region. Two fighter considered to represent the Mountain Gods (Yamasachichiko) and God of the Ocean (Umisachichiko). 
This traditional beverage should be drunk in small cups. This relates to the ancient Japanese tradition. Their ancestors always ate with a place made of large shells.While the shells are used as a cup of water . So, now drinks should always be placed in small cups. While the food in larger containers. Any person wishing to drink, should be poured for her friend first. In the event of drink, never pour it for yourself. 

Welcom to Japan !


colson said...

Japan is a extraordinary society indeed. One of the most mysterious and incomprehensible ones for Westerners like me.

Of the four specialities you describe I like he Kimono and especially the sake best :).

Anyhow, this post reminds of your daughter ( who, lives in Japan if I'm not mistaken). How's she and her business doing?

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson : Thanks for comments. Well, we'll drink Sake some day either in Indonesia or Netherlands. My daughter has finished her study last year. Now she is busy as a designer in her own fashion boutique in Jakarta.

Anonymous said...

Interesting information. Thanks for sharing.