Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing Rose Trace : Adventure Story of Four Teens Gang

Suddenly Dul’s eyes saw a sharp object that hurtle toward his chest. Quickly as a flash he dodged, as he grabbed it. When the knife was caught right in the wood grip, it feels great thrill, as if rotated and swung his arm by some invisible force. He staggered a bit, and scratched his left arm slightly to bleed. But the fat boy Dul soon mastered himself. He put his legs on the earth as tight as possible while mobilizing force within. Both of his legs as if stuck into the earth, but only very briefly, because as fast as lightning he was shot again flew upward sloping. He managed to dodge from the sword coming from his opponent who had come quickly from the side. This blitzkrieg failed on his body. Even otherwise the attacker turn of speed that he stumbled due to muster that just made his slide out of control. Again and again he lost balance. His big body looked shaky and almost fell backward. The man with cropped hair seemed absurdly angry. His eyes turned red, spewing anger and hatred. Hastily he turned, then quickly jabbed his sword into the gut of Dul. However, the fat level of vigilance was at the peak of the most high. Once again he dodged quickly, tilting the body, and avoid the deadly attacks earlier. For the umpteenth time the sword just tears off the air. , failed to touch the target. Back he stumbled out of balance . The failure of these attacks make him more upset and angry. Fire bursts of anger radiating out from his red-eyes.

Looking at this shaky position , Dul quickly changed his fighting strategy and tactics . He began to clown when the fight was in full swing. With the cute faces, and a silly smile, he seemed to dance around his opponent who was still stumbling, while occasionally waving a knife at the man with cropped hair, even though the distance is far away.

Dul continued spinning and dancing with a knife in his hand, imitating the style of the legendary black boxer Mohammad Ali, the big mouth, who was boxing while dancing on tiptoe and smiling in the ring. The man with cropped hair seemed more angry. He felt cheated and abused by the fat boy..His eyes glow implies unbridled emotion. His sweat was streaming down over his body. Repeatedly he swang his sword, but Dul had already jumped to fly to another place, without the slightest attack. This time the Dul intentionally made increasingly frantic opponent, again, again and again.

Later on the bandit really looked tired and frustrated. Especially after Dul applied his new strategy of fighting. He could only run here and there like a chick who lost her hen .
In a state of panic and despair, he suddenly issued a mainstay in the last moment. He suddenly sprinted quickly and threw himself flying toward the boy , with sword outstretched to the front, ready to enter into Dul’s chest . But with the instinct that has been trained well, Dul quickly settled down to the side, while the attacker continued to fly and fly, then landed fell down on the ground. For a moment seemed he tried to stand up, but apparently Dul did not want to give chance. Before the bandit stood up straight, Dul gave him a great shot of attack.

"Shiiyyaaaakkkk .. ... ..", he shout and swung the kick straight into the stocky opponent's head. At glance it looked the kidnapper staggered back, then he fell down again. Apparently he passed out, unconscious……. .

The dramatic scenario described above is an excerpt from an Indonesian children's story book entitled "The Missing Rose Trace" written by my daughter Linda Herliantina. The book contains 144 pages and published by Mizan Publishing House, Bandung, Indonesia.

The Four Teens Gang consists of 4 teenagers, Aryo, Iqbal, Jalu and Dul. They were aged about 14 years. In their adventures against hordes of evil villains, the gang did not use violence, but the tenderness and patience .. They've been helping the police in uncovering cases of smuggling and kidnapping the children.

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(DS. Utomo)


colson said...

Thrilling :).

I guess you're a proud father for having a daughter who is author.

DS. Utomo said...

Hi, colson ! Your comments always empowered me to step forward either in blogging or in real life. Really appreciate it, of course !

Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont said...

The best reviews are those that make one want to read the book. I want to read tgis book.

DS. Utomo said...

Hi, Ana ! I think you're a very good teacher for me. You could've read my daughter's book after I've translated it in English. Really appreciate your help !

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting story. Thanks for sharing.