Friday, February 25, 2011

Useful Tips From Senior Blogger (Part Two)

After sharing his experience here , my senior blogger friend Brian Gardner sent me again yesterday similar tips that I have quoted below.

Five Elements to Building a Successful Blog

1. Write Well and Write Often

I have to admit that for me this might be the most challenging one. Our lives today are filled with tasks and to-do lists. Filled with places we have to go. Calls we have to make and so on. It’s critical that you blog frequently. Not every post has to be a novel, or a home run. But to establish traction and movement with your audience, you should be blogging at least 2-3 times a week. If not more.

2. Understand That it Requires Patience

As the saying goes – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Unfortunately for people who want to get rich quick, this is a tragically accurate statement. While I suppose it is possible to create a successful blog while having it built on sand, it won’t take but a wave or two to come crashing down before it’s wiped out. Yes, that means you need to be patient and work hard. It means that like an Olympic athlete, you need to train and not just try.

3. Network Yourself With Others

When I first started out blogging and creating themes for WordPress, I sought relationships with others in the space. The most important person I networked with was Cory Miller. Back in those days, we spent a lot of time brainstorming and talking about our journey. It consisted of moral support, but also paved the way to meeting other folks within our niche. It’s important to get to know the leaders in your space, and to understand what made them successful. As you get to know them, there’s a good chance that they introduce you to others as well.

4. Build a Community

For me, this step was easy – as I’ve always been a people-person and a gatherer. Whether it be comments on your blog, or establishing a forum on your site – engaging people and interacting with them is essential in building a successful blog. Communities are born out of passion – passion for a sports team, passion for a brand of computer, or passion for way of life. After all, isn’t that what social media and the idea of viral loops are all about?

5. Hang in There and Stay Strong

A few months ago I ran a 1/2 marathon – something I never dreamed I could do. I’ll have to admit that more than halfway into the race I was ready to throw in the towel. For me, I had hit the wall. I wanted to give up. Building a successful blog in some ways is similar to long distance running. There’s usually a time where you want to call it quits. Ask any successful blogger if they’ve encountered this. I can guarantee every one of them will say yes.

Thanks a lot, Brian !
(DS. Utomo)


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