Monday, February 28, 2011

Antiques and Things

Actually I knew that the antique goods was not just plain junk. These things still have value, especially if treated properly. There are even items that hard to find, so that they have very high price. Many people even like to hunt for antiques & things, like the famous masterpieces made by Leonardo da Vinci , Van Gogh , Rembrandt and so on.

In our country, Indonesia, we have some famous painters too. One of them was Affandi

In fact, there are also some antic goods in my house, for example several old ceramic pottery from China and a Butterfly sewing machine. Anyway this machine has been abandoned for at least 15 years. I bet this sewing machine is older than my youngest daughter Henny who recently finished her graduate study in Japan. It's just a simple manual sewing machine, and it needed to be repair here and there.

If you want to collect antiques and things, you can visit :

Happy Hunting and Good Luck !
(DS. Utomo)


Diplo_Daddy said...

There's an old saying..."One person's junk is another person's treausure". How true it is for many things in this world. said...

Sometimes we value old things. thanks for this.
(-psepheroth from blogCatalog)

DS. Utomo said...

I agree with you. Thank you so much !

Really appreciate your comment. Cheers !

colson said...

The old sewing machine is something of value, but the success of your daughter is really something to cherish. Congratulations!


DS. Utomo said...

Thanks for your comment and compliments for my daughter Henny . Danke, mas Colson !