Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rehabilitation Programs After Natural Disasters

The eruption of Mount Merapi and the devastating tsunami in Indonesia recently, of course, will leave tremendous negative impact for citizens who have been hit by those natural disasters. Although they have successfully survived being evacuated by volunteers into the refugee camps, but the feeling of fear and trauma can not simply escape from themselves. Horrible experience it seems to haunt them every time. This not only happens to women and children, but also men who seem to be more rigid and though.

The changes in life circumstances happened so quickly. The volcano suddenly erupted and released heat clouds that slid down the mountain slopes at high speed. They ran hurriedly fled to save themselves. They did not get to carry things that support their lives, such as livestock for farmers.

The tragedy was very surprising, both for elderly people and children. Most of them are difficult to adapt to these rapid changes. In the refugee camps they were still confused , especially little kids. They were still wondering what the hell happened?

According to the problems mentioned above, the rehabilitation programs, both physically and mentally, should be given to them. For example, the children must be entertained or be invited to play, in order to distracting to a more pleasant conditions. To the teenagers could be given training activities, such as making pictures, recording activities in the camp and so on.

If you have any idea or suggestion, please leave comments below.
We thank you so much for your attention and deeply sympathy.

God bless you all !
(DS. Utomo)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful and important information. Hope that the related authorities will take action immediately !

DS. Utomo said...

I fully agree with you.

Multibrand said...

Pak Utomo,
Disasters would always traumatize their victims, especially women and young children.
I saw on TV and newspapers volunteers entertaining the victims by singing together, telling stories etc.
Even celebrities have took part not just donating big money but some of them got to the places of disaster.
God bless Indonesia.

DS. Utomo said...

You are right, mas Harry. The emotional recovery is very important, especially for women and children !

redy said...

nice info ,,..hope i'll learn much about information on your site..regards