Saturday, June 11, 2011

Your Dream’s Coming True In The Future

We have tried to set our goals as I described on the earlier post. These goals might be your dreams. Below I give you an example how an awesome dream could be realized by working hard and smart in a Project Management.
Brooklyn Bridge was built according to John Augustus Roebling's dream in 1883. At that time, Mr. Roebling had an idea to build an unusually long bridge connecting New York with Long Island. It was really a crazy dream. At that time the bridge experts around the world collected the opinion that the dream to build the bridge as long as it is highly unlikely and they asked Mr. Roebling to forget that dream.

Mr. Roebling persuade his son, Washington, to cooperate in making the concept of how the bridge could be built and thought about the possibility of resistance. Father and son then hired a project team to do the construction work and start realize their dream .

Poor can not be rejected, lucky not to be achieved, an accident during construction activities take place within a few months. The accident claimed the lives of Mr. Roebling. The child suffered nerve damage to the brain. Washington had to spend time in hospital in a very bad condition. He could not walk, talk and even move. While some bridge experts commented negatively against him.

Washington had to fight against the disease. Trying to get up and move, but none of his limbs is capable to move, except for one finger. With one finger he began trying to communicate with his wife through the symbol made by his finger movements. This body language signaled for the bridge construction. This non-verbal communication continued. All instructions and problems in development activities carried out by tapping a finger until the great bridge completely built. With patience during the construction period of 13 years his wife had faithfully translated her husband’s finger tapping code into meaningful information for engineers who were continuing the construction.

In this true story we learn about the importance of have a dream, then write down the dream of becoming a concept that can be operational , and perform with great firmness and tenacity no matter what happens, insults and even loss.

Good Luck !
(DS. Utomo)


TrudieEssa said...

That is a very inspirational story Mr Utomo. Keeps me motivated to finish writing my book :))
Trudie Essa

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@TrudieEssa: Really appreciate your comments. Just commented your interesting post, too.

colson said...

Moving story. And an amazing and admirable accomplishment by Washington .But, to be honest, way beyond my reach.

PS: Great, iconic bridge by the way.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson: Hi, Jerry ! Thanks for the comments. I am trying to redigg my knowledge and experiences on Project Management to being shared with others.

Anonymous said...

Dear Utomo,
Thanks for your friendship, your vote and follow on bloggers.
It was my pleasure to vote for you, and also following you on your Fish Pond blog. I am hoping you will vote for me and follow me on my blog at: (Jeanniewalker)

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@Jeanniewalker: Really appreciate your review on my blog. Of course, I am following your blog, too. I like much to read books. Thanks !

Neil Killion said...

Hi Utomo,
A most inspiring story and very well told. The odds against this happening would have been huge. Never give up or give in, is the motto
Thanks, Neil

Neil Killion said...

Hi Utomo,
A very inspiring story and well told. Never give up or give in, is the motto,

Thanks, Neil

wilson said...

quite unique and informative blog, i like reading blogs on different destinations, thanks for sharing.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@Neil Killion: Really appreciate your comments. Have a lovely weekend !

@wilson : Thanks for your comments. Have a nice weekend, too !

Anonymous said...

Very interesting story. Thanks for sharing.