Friday, June 17, 2011

Recycling of Natural Water

Actually, the universe has done the Recycling of Natural Water, which is yawn of water on earth, including sea water. The sunlight is so hot, then it causes the water on earth to break down into water vapor which soared to the top. And because the temperature is too cold in the upper atmosphere, the water vapor condenses back into water which we call r a i n.

Global warming is happening today has caused changing seasons. Therefore, the process of Natural Water Recycling is halting. In many regions the drought is occurring because of very slightly rain .

Actually in our daily lives we can also do the Recycling of Natural Water. For example, we are watering every day, especially in the dry season. We can also restore the clean water back into the earth at every opportunity. Not only do we dispose of dirty water into the ground, but even drinking water such as Aqua, etc. If the entire population of the earth, amounting to 6,925,698,944 to do this activity every day, then we believe the earth and nature will be preserved.


colson said...

Am I right if I believe earth, including water, is a closed system - the total amount of water remains the same ultimately?

Well, anyhow I think this also is a matter to discuss over a glass of improved water, called Heineken, isn't it? :)

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson : Hi, Jerry ! Thanks for comments. By the way, please tell Harry Nizam that I really want to drink also a beer with you somewhere in Jakarta. Dank je wel !

colson said...

@utomo: I did send you an email with my invitation.

Of course it's up to you to choose a date (between approximately July the 4th and 24th - the time I will be in Jakarta). I will meet Harry for a drink and a meal on Sunday, the 10th of July. So if the date suits you and you would like to join, that's really fine with me.

I think it would be best that in that case you will contact Harry :).

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson: Thanks for invitation. I think it is okay that we meet on Sunday, 10th July. I will contact Harry later. Cheers !

George said...

"Am I right if I believe earth, including water, is a closed system - the total amount of water remains the same ultimately?"

I watched a movie, about that subject, over the internet. Can the amount of water decrese or increse, because of the global temperature ?

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@George: Really appreciate your comments. Thanks !