Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First Writing Published on Technorati

Five months ago I was approved to write on Technorati. However, for several reasons, partly because my English was not perfect yet, then my article was rejected and could not be published on Technorati.

As I mentioned in my article before about "Time Has Come to Write for Technorati" on my site ON-MAGAZINE, I was not surprised when they commented about my English writing, because I am not English native speaker. I am fully aware that I am writing in English while still thinking in Indonesian. Therefore, I should improve my English writing to become really a Technorati Writer. Then I tried once again to send other writings, but they still did not want to receive them due to the same reasons.

They sent me an e-mail and stated: “Thank you for taking another shot at your article on depression treatment. I had to move it back to drafts because it's still not ready to be published. Unfortunately, a majority of the piece has bad sentence structure and doesn't flow well.”

But I did not give up. I tried again and again to continue to improve my writing quality. And finally I succeeded. Yesterday I received an automatically-generated email:

”An article of yours has just been published on .
Thank you! You can now blog or tweet about this article, this bundle of HTML might help: New Perspectives for Depression Treatment

There are now widgets for and on article pages; please help get the ball rolling by retweeting your article, and see where things go from there!Thanks again!”

Happy Blogging !
(D. S. Utomo)