Friday, July 2, 2010

Nuclear Vessels Development in Argentina

Article first published as Nuclear Vessels Development in Argentina on Technorati.

Nilda Garre, Argentine Minister of Defense , announced recently the possibility of reviewing the idea of using nuclear reactors to power some of its naval vessels. She said that the country wants to maintain its position of leadership in industrial and technological skills in the area, and that Argentina does not want to be left out of nuclear propulsion technology.

Therefore, an evaluation will be carried out to determine if the technical resources are available for Argentina to develop its own nuclear vessels. Small pressurized water reactors are being considered, because they have already been used in the fleets of China, France, India, Russia, the UK and USA.
Russia is already using nuclear power for a fleet of civil icebreakers, and that technology is now being used to develop nuclear power stations that allow for small marine reactors to be placed on transportable barges.

One potential supplier of reactors suitable for requirements would be the nuclear technology firm Invap, which has already developed several research reactors as well as the Carem power plant design.


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I suggest that the nuclear safety should be considered too.