Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who’s Sending the Most Traffic to Your Blog?

About this topic Brian Gardner has sent me an e-mail containing the article that I have quoted below.

I’ve written more blog posts in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past year – well, not really, but it’s pretty close if you can believe that.
So it’s natural that I’ve spent time inside my Google Analytics account, which was obvious since I recently posted a graph that shows Google Chrome will overtake Mozilla Firefox.

 If You Dig Deep Enough, You Might Find Something

While I was in my analytics account, I decided that I would check out one more thing – traffic referrals to my website. To my surprise, here is what I found:

I don’t get a ton of traffic here on my personal blog – no where close to the amount of traffic that < a href=>StudioPress gets – but I found something very interesting, nonetheless.
Prior to the launch of Google Plus, the #1 referrer to my site was easily Google (the search engine). Even though Analytics considers that organic traffic, I place that in the generic “how people get to my site” group.
Let’s Throw Out Google Search Traffic and Focus on Social Media
As I had mentioned above, I’ve published 4 blog posts over the past two weeks, and treated them all the same in regards to sharing them on my social media outlets – Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
In other words, when I published a post, I’d link to it through all of the aforementioned social media accounts just to see what would happen.
It’s quite obvious from the traffic numbers in the analytics chart above, that Google Plus was the #1 leading referral source to my blog, followed up by Twitter and Facebook.

Drawing Some (Very Basic) Conclusions From This Data

I don’t think that the results from this experiment are groundbreaking, nor do I think they would apply to all bloggers and websites.
But what I can say, is that it shows that Google Plus is going to definitely going to be a part of my daily social media routine. From sharing links to general comments and conversation with my tech friends online, I will certainly make my appearance there.
So how about you? Who sends the most traffic to your blog?
You can either talk about other websites, or preferably talk about social media sources.


colson said...

As interesting as your preliminary analysis is, as for me the pleasure of writing and reading posts/comments prevails over traffic. So I guess I will leave it at that :).

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson: Really appreciate your comments. Dank je wel !