Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bat Cave

There are several caves around the Bat Cave which located in Purbalingga region, Central Jawa, Indonesia. A short walk turn right onto Chest Lawa Cave , the cave looks like of bat spread its wings , then called Dada Lawa Cave . Out of the Dada Lawa Cave we will turn right through the shower and Spring . According to folklore if you want to keep youthful face then wash here. Believe it or not.
Through the narrow hallway leading towards the bridge kept out , then we reach the Cave Cepet , why so named , because supposedly the cave entrance is often lost and difficult to get out . Then we exit through the narrow hallway leading to the cave Ratu Ayu . As long as we entered the cave , we will still feel fresh because of the large cave vents always blow air like air cooler . We feel as if it reduces fatigue of the visitors. So we did not feel tired through the about 1.300 m of cave long.
Rancid smell of bat droppings stung our noses down the mouth of the cave . We had to use a ladder to get into the cave mouth . Looking ahead , we saw only darkness around us. I immediately lit a torch that had been prepared while Surip burn incense . Bleber .. beleberrr ... The sound of flapping wings of hundreds of bats hanging around above our heads . Maybe the fire torch and flashlight disturb the peace of their sleep . We continue the journey . Because the room we had to walk a narrow ducking . If you encounter a place that is somewhat relieved , time to stand up and take a breath . It's nothing to walk while crouching turns make us sore waist and thighs all . The farther to get into, the more bat droppings on the floor of the cave . So many, dirt that may have accumulated decades and mixed with water to form slurry flow . Some parts even have it up to our waist .
Unlike Goa Lawa , Goa Lorong Kereta relatively smooth . Such as made by humans . However, the allegations were immediately vanished when we saw the form of a layer of earth in the form of a line along the right side of the cave .
 " There was no man be able to make this kind of artwork ," said Surip and Muhtadi . From the Muhtadi’s search results Muhtadi ,
 Lorong Kereta Cave has a length of about 1500 meters . It takes approximately 1 hour for the way to the finish . It's just that we have not worked out at the end of the cave . In the early part of the quarter , there was a section of the cave covered with mud up to chest height . And unfortunately we do not quite carry the equipment and preparation to pass . We were forced to turn around after resting for a moment to take a picture .
Bringing a powerful flashlight would be more likely to help you when through these caves . Because the smoke torch will only make our eyes sore and attract the attention of the sleeping bats . Find a Golden Doll cave located in the lower layers of the last cave corridor . Ir’s about five meters deeper . The most interesting object in this cave is the presence of golden doll statue in it . 

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Thanks for sharing; till now it was one of those to me hidden Indonesian treasures:). Real interesting information

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