Friday, May 30, 2008


By DS. Utomo (Indonesia)


In the business world, a competition is normal thing. The business man should have thought hard to achieve the development in his business, so that he could win in the competition. In this case, total quality control is key words to achieve the objective. Here, not only relate to the quality of product, but also the quality of raw materials, process, quality assurance and the quality of human resources.
The natural environment influences the life of fish, especially larva. In dry season, it is very cold in the night, and it brings a negative impacts to the fresh water fish, e.g. gourami fish cultivation. Beside that, there are other problems in the fish cultivation, such fish diseases which could decrease the fish production.
According to the information mentioned above, a Training on Gourami Fish Cultivation Development should have carried out in order to overcome the problems, so that the fish farmer group could increase the productivity.


1. To increase qualified fish product
2. To increase fish product development
3. To broaden marketing share
4. To increase farmer income

Participant target

1. To understand the basic principles for gourami fish cultivation
2. To understand the fish cultivation technology
3. To improve the fish cultivation skill
4. To know the preventing procedure against fish diseases.

Training materials

1. Basic principles in gourami fish cultivation
2. Development planning in fish cultivation
a. Marketing aspect
Marketing target, the opportunity of fish cultivation, sales, product and promotion
b. Production aspect
The need of machines, equipments, building and production flow chart
c. Maintenance aspect
Pond sanitation and disease prevention
d. Organization aspect
Simple Organization Structure, man power, administration and enterprise establishment
e. Financial planning aspect
Project Cost, profit, sales and operational cost
f. Practical work
Visit to successful gourami fish farmers

(DS. Utomo)