Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pellets for Gourami Fish

Some breeders make the pellets consisting “Katul” (flour), fish meal, soybean oilcake, protein flour, and additional antibiotics tablets.

Another food for Gourami fish is boiled corn. Very good to speed the fish maturity so that can reduce the “pemijahan” (breeding) time. The number of boiled corn given is 3-5% of fish weight . According to research, giving boiled eggs to fish at the age of 45-60 days is also reccomended.

Even if we assume that Gourami is being vegetarian, but they did not reject the child ant (“kroto”), bran, pulp, and oilcake nuts. Some farmers even install a swimming oil lamp at the edge of the pond in order to attract insects , because the
insects are attracted to light of this lamp, and when they fall down into the fish pond, the Gourami fish will immediately eat them.