Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clearwater Freestanding Baths

I’ve heard that your bathroom reflects your personal character . If your bathroom is clean means that you love clealiness. And if your bathroom is beautiful, then you beauty.

Clearwater is passionate about the beauty of freestanding baths. Not only do they look great, feel brilliant and add a real touch of class too a bathroom, but we believe they are far more affordable, adaptable and easy to install than many people think. At Clearwater we are convinced there is a freestanding bath for everyone - it's our job to help you find the right one for you.

Clearwater invented the modern way to manufacture beautiful, stylish freestanding baths. Each bath is made from a double layer of high quality, acrylic with a cast resin filler between the layers for strength and a smooth, warm finish. This unique method of construction ensures each bath is made to precise specifications and the thermos vacuum effect between the side wall also helps our baths retain heat and stay warmer longer, saving you water heating costs and making them the perfect place to de-stress, relax and revive yourself in style.

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Enjoy !