Sunday, December 13, 2009

Earn More Money Through Selling Text Links

The most effective way now to earn money is by blogging. No wonder a lot of webmasters became rich just by blogging. But there is another way for bloggers to earn more. It is through selling text links on their blogs. Webmasters and any bloggers will have the opportunity to make a great deal of money online because some websites provide services like renting quality links.

What should the blogger do to sell text links on his blog? If you really want to control your ads, you can do the selling of text links through your blogs. If you sell these text links directly, you can totally cut off the share of the middleman, thus you will have a hundred percent share of the sales. Also you will establish a relationship with the different advertisers.

First, always write blogs that will create high traffic. Secondly, look for potential advertisers because these advertisers are very limited. Then, on your blog put an advertisement page. Include major details like traffic stats, prices and other information that will be useful for the site visitor, and that will catch their attention as well. Other bloggers advertise their selling text links through posting on different webmaster forums like Site Point and DigitalPoint. Also, they place them on different classified ads sites.

There are a lot of Text Link brokers that are available online. Some of the most popular text link brokers are Text-Link-Ads, LinkWorth, BackLinks, Adbrite and many more. Just visit their sites and choose the best one for you. These are the ways to monetize through selling text links on your blogs. Always think positive and everything will go you way. Sell text links through your blog and make a huge amount of money online.

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