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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Repairing of Cooling System in Fukushima Reactor

Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) continually strive to create conditions within the reactor building at the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 2 safer for the staff of the reactor workers. The work was almost complete while waiting for decreasing of the humidity levels in the unit which is still very high.

An alternative circulation system for the fuel cooling ponds used in Unit 2 began operations on May 31 and attempted to get a normal temperature around 25 ยบ C on June 10. This work is expected to reduce the humidity inside the building, but this has not happened yet.

Address the issue separately in the unit's reactor, Tepco has conducted operations of air filters for ventilation Unit 2, and filter out air radioactivity. Then the filtered air is flowed back into the reactor building. The company said that it will continue for three days, then they will check again the existing radiation levels . If the internal level has dropped significantly, Tepco will open the door of the building so workers can go to work again.

For the first time since the accident on March 15, 2011, workers can now enter the third floor of the Unit 4 of reactor building. While the company is considering plans to install a new cooling pond system in Unit 4 because of the serious damages occurred.

(Source: World Nuclear News)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Recycling of Natural Water

Actually, the universe has done the Recycling of Natural Water, which is yawn of water on earth, including sea water. The sunlight is so hot, then it causes the water on earth to break down into water vapor which soared to the top. And because the temperature is too cold in the upper atmosphere, the water vapor condenses back into water which we call r a i n.

Global warming is happening today has caused changing seasons. Therefore, the process of Natural Water Recycling is halting. In many regions the drought is occurring because of very slightly rain .

Actually in our daily lives we can also do the Recycling of Natural Water. For example, we are watering every day, especially in the dry season. We can also restore the clean water back into the earth at every opportunity. Not only do we dispose of dirty water into the ground, but even drinking water such as Aqua, etc. If the entire population of the earth, amounting to 6,925,698,944 to do this activity every day, then we believe the earth and nature will be preserved.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Your Dream’s Coming True In The Future

We have tried to set our goals as I described on the earlier post. These goals might be your dreams. Below I give you an example how an awesome dream could be realized by working hard and smart in a Project Management.
Brooklyn Bridge was built according to John Augustus Roebling's dream in 1883. At that time, Mr. Roebling had an idea to build an unusually long bridge connecting New York with Long Island. It was really a crazy dream. At that time the bridge experts around the world collected the opinion that the dream to build the bridge as long as it is highly unlikely and they asked Mr. Roebling to forget that dream.

Mr. Roebling persuade his son, Washington, to cooperate in making the concept of how the bridge could be built and thought about the possibility of resistance. Father and son then hired a project team to do the construction work and start realize their dream .

Poor can not be rejected, lucky not to be achieved, an accident during construction activities take place within a few months. The accident claimed the lives of Mr. Roebling. The child suffered nerve damage to the brain. Washington had to spend time in hospital in a very bad condition. He could not walk, talk and even move. While some bridge experts commented negatively against him.

Washington had to fight against the disease. Trying to get up and move, but none of his limbs is capable to move, except for one finger. With one finger he began trying to communicate with his wife through the symbol made by his finger movements. This body language signaled for the bridge construction. This non-verbal communication continued. All instructions and problems in development activities carried out by tapping a finger until the great bridge completely built. With patience during the construction period of 13 years his wife had faithfully translated her husband’s finger tapping code into meaningful information for engineers who were continuing the construction.

In this true story we learn about the importance of have a dream, then write down the dream of becoming a concept that can be operational , and perform with great firmness and tenacity no matter what happens, insults and even loss.

Good Luck !
(DS. Utomo)

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Importance of Knock Out Goal

The Importance of Knock Out Goal

When I participated in the Training of Trainers (TOT) Program on Project Management at the Royal Institute of Public Administration (RIPA), London, UK, I
learned how to write project goals correctly and achieve results. In this lesson it had been discussed about the importance of creating a Knock Out Goal.

"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes."-Andrew Carnegie Quotes

When you are creating your goals its important to set long term and short term goals. But its also important to write a knock out goal. A goal that encompasses all of your other goals. A goal that when you succeed at accomplishing it, you will feel complete. This goal should describe your character and passion. The achievement of your knock out goal would change everything!

Some examples of knock out goals:
Getting a masters or doctoral degree
Lose 75 pounds
Winning an Olympic Gold Medal
Opening and successfully running your own business
Creating a blog that has 100k subscribers (Personal goal of mine)
Financial freedom with enough money in the bank to retire

The list goes on and on, and every person has a unique knock out goal!
What goal could you achieve that would change everything?
What would your knock out goal be?

Your knockout goal is a goal that's worth pursing with passion. It's a goal that's worth spending at least a little time on each day.
The next step is writing your knock out goal down as you were taught in the previous lesson. Write your goal with detail and with passion. Once you have written your most important goal, carry it with you at all times. I suggest putting it in your wallet or purse. But where ever it is, make sure it's somewhere that you will see it often. By doing so you will constantly remind your subconscious and conscious minds, and it will keep them sharp.

Another reason why its integral that you carry your goal with always is because as soon as you write it down you will have doubts and fears. These doubts and fears are normal, but you must master them. It's OK at first have fears and doubts. Your knock out goal should stretch you and push you. But don't let your fears defeat you, let them be a testament for why you need to accomplish your goal.