Monday, January 9, 2012

How Tablet Helps You Work Anywhere

One day me and my daughter Meilina went out of town for a New Year vacation . We were driving for Puncak, a famous and beautiful tourist spot in the mountains of West Java. All the way from Jakarta which takes about 2 hours, I saw my daughter was busy typing an article in the PC-Tablet. Many people say that she is work-alcoholic). Especially when she’s blogging on the Internet. Actually she has a fashion-blog , which extensively covered the ultimate fashioned clothes for adolescent girls. She has studied for 4 years in Japan about Media and Online Communication including creation of models for fashion design. At home she makes her own patterns and sews the clothes . Many college friends when Meilina studied at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta, often visit her butique studio at home. They praised her skill in making modern design and exclusive clothes.
At Puncak we stayed in a bungalow which is rather far from the bustle of the city. Here I used the time to take a break from the busyness in Jakarta. But my daughter was still busy working with Samsung Galaxy Tablet that’s ready to help her getting the job done anytime and anywhere. 
She told me that her Tablet has several advantages such as  ::
 • Compact and Lightweight
 • Easy to use
 • Large capacity 
• Rapid in Virtual Speed 
 Excellent display it realy gives you the wow factor for brightness and contrast out of the box. Also the battery life is good as you would think playing games would drain the battery but you get a full days use without charging. The weight and size are great very easy to hold in one hand in portrait or landscape mode. Multitasking works and does not slow down the device. You tube Hd video and web browsing are fast with minimal buffering but you must first download flash 10.3 as it is not preinstalled. Very short charging cord so if you plan on using this while plugged in you will need a USB extender. Device takes over 3 hours and still does not get a full charge it went from 40% to 75%. After flash download some websites still do not play video like phillies and mlb and you can watch them on your android incredible phone.


colson said...

Funny, we're about to buy an I-pad and here I read a Samsung recommendation.

Doubts entered my mind ... :) .

By the way: I wish your industrious daughter lots of success!

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson : It's up to you. Dank je wel. Have a great success for you, too !

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson : But if you want to buy PC-Tablet, please buy in Amazon through the backlink as I recommended in my post. So I'd receive the commission. Terimakasih, Jerry !

Anonymous said...

helpful information. thank you for sharing