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Herbal Medicine For Leukemia

Leukemia , in GreekLEUKOS ("white") AIMA ("blood"), or more commonly known as blood cancer is a disease in cancer classification (neoplasm) in the blood or bone marrow characterized by the abnormal or malignant transformation of blood-forming cells in bone marrow and lymphoid tissues, generally occurs in leukocytes (white blood cells). Normal cells in the bone marrow was replaced by normal or abnormal cells. These abnormal cells out of the marrow and can be found in the peripheral blood . Hematopoiesis or leukemia cells affect the formation of normal blood cells and immune patients. The word leukemia means white blood, because the people found a lot of whiteblood cells before therapy was given. White blood cells are cells that look much younger, for example promielosit. This raised the amount that can disrupt the normal function of other cells 
Instead of medical treatment, Leukemia can also be teated by the use of supplements and herbs as I have quoted below from multi sources.
 A person suffering from the various symptoms of leukemia will gain great benefit from the use of these supplements, and the various herbal remedies and other supplements given here will help support the overall health of the person and this will also boost the energy levels in a person suffering from leukemia. The diet of a person suffering from leukemia must contain wholesome foods and must be very rich in various essential nutrients as these all nutrients are extremely important for the person to fight off the various symptoms of the condition. Problems with the blood such as anemia is usually evident during leukemia in patients, therefore all supplements such as the entire B complex vitamins and a mineral like iron must be used as compulsory supplements to help build up the blood in the affected individual. These nutrients and minerals also serve as a vital source of energy at all times and help fight off physical fatigue which may be very persistent in all patients. A serious folic acid deficiency can also result due to the various prescription medications used as a treatment for leukemia, supplements of the vitamin folic acid are necessary for all patients suffering from leukemia because of this reason. The organic form of the mineral iron is the best supplemental form of the mineral, as it is the easiest form to absorb and its presence in the body will not lead to the production of many unwanted side-effects associated with the use of various iron pills. Infections occurring within the body can be countered through supplements of the vitamin C , the vitamin also helps in the strengthening of the blood vessels and protects the person from various toxins present in the body and which are often an underlying cause or the real reason behind an incidence of leukemia in a person. The action and effectiveness of the vitamin C within the body is supported by co-supplements of the plant based natural substances called the bioflavonoids - these compounds must always be used in conjunction with the vitamin C to improve the performance of the vitamin within the body. The blood vessels can be strengthened by these supplements, which also prevent bleeding when used together in a single combined dose. The side effects of medications used during cases of leukemia can also be countered by the use of vitamin E ; this vitamin can effectively reduce the intensity of all side effects arising as a result of prescription medication utilization over a long period of time. Cancer and its symptoms can also be moderated by supplements of both the vitamins C and E-these chemicals act in the prevention of all symptoms associated with cancer. 
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colson said...

Interesting article about a horrible disease. Everything which can help the patients is very welcome. Herbal medicine included.

Though I doubt whether I can agree with you where you write: "Instead of medical treatment, Leukemia can also be treated by the use of supplements and herbs".

I guess you mean "in addition to medical treatment and after consulting the attending physician(s).

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@colson : You're right. I actually mean "In addition to medical treatment and after consulting the attending physicians, Leukemia can also be teated by the use of supplements and herbs......" Thanks for your corrections.

Premiumbtemplates said...

Actually nice post, really helpful. keep it up :)

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

@Premiumbtemplates : Really appreciate your comments. Thanks !