Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interactive Intelligence

Outbound and blended campaigns boost teleservices capabilities, fill sales pipelines, streamline collections and aid telemarketing and fundraising efforts. No matter your business, a well-planned, well-executed campaign can augment nearly any marketing and relationship management process and build revenues.

Interaction Dialer is a predictive dialer system that pre-integrates to the Customer Interaction Center® (CIC) IP contact center solution from Interactive Intelligence for outbound and blended predictive dialing, as well as for compliance options, call scripting, intelligent campaign staging and more.

It isn’t easy to find a communications solution these days - high hardware and infrastructure costs, several vendors to choose from, maintenance contracts to sign, administrative interfaces to learn and the extensive RFP process that just slows down the process even further.

Refreshingly, there is another approach to attaining the right communications solution that virtually eliminates all of those problems. It’s called Communications-as-a-Service, or simply, CaaS .

Interactive Intelligence is a global provider of unified IP business communications solutions, providing innovative contact center software - often referred to as call center software, and delivered as a hosted service or on-premise product; IP telephony - including application-rich IP PBX and messaging functionality that can scale to meet the needs of your entire enterprise; and business process automation - providing the automation of multi-step, people-centric processes across a variety of vertical industries; as well as document management solutions designed specifically for the insurance industry.

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