Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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The introduction of nuclear power in developing countries faces two major obstacles, namely financing and public acceptance. Financing, because the capital costs of nuclear power plants are significantly higher than fossil power plants: on a per kilowatt basis about twice the capital costs of coal-fired power plants and three times the capital costs of natural gas combined-cycle plants. It is said that capital is scarce in developing countries and therefore should be used wisely. Public acceptance is necessary, since otherwise delays caused by protests and demonstrations could easily inflate capital costs due to possible increases in interest charges and therefore such protests and demonstrations should be avoided.

The United States Government has shown its commitment to support the development of a new generation of nuclear power plant (NGNP, Next Generation Nuclear Plant) that is more secure and safe.
World Nuclear News dated March 9, 2010 reported that two groups of technologies, each headed by General Atomics and Westinghouse, have been asked to complete the conceptual design and make detailed plans to build the NGNP.

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DS. Utomo said...

Think that I have to improve my qualty writings. So, I need your comments here. Thanks !

Sibel said...

Developing countries has a great disadvantage when it comes to energy. But without being a militant, Countries like Europe and the United States will help those who needs nuclear powered energy for 2 reasons,one make them dependent, and two to control them.
We know that Wind and Solar energy cost more to upstart but much better for the environment,the population and the economies in the long run.
But this type of energy would make countries like Jakarta independent from the super power.

Senior Debutante said...

I'm from a country in Asia, very rich in fossil fuels but poor in capital to get that natural wealth out. So that foreign investors are having great interests in them. It doesn't seem to help my country anyway.

People here are still wanting very much in the knowledge of the benefits of the nuclear power plant, hence the protests and demonstrations against. You just posted a blog of interest world-wide. Keep it up!