Friday, April 23, 2010

Say it with flowers!

From this expression turns out that flowers have a lot of beneficial interest. Flowers can be used as an ornamental garden and yard. Flowers can be used as room fragrances. Flowers can also be used as cosmetic ingredients or perfumes for women. Even flowers can be used as medicine to heal diseases. And flowers used too as a symbol for getting peace in the war!

How to grow flowers ?

1. Get flower seeds

Pick only good flower seeds from a recognized company. This will ensure healthy flowers. You may also collect seeds from a noted flower garden as an alternative. However you should know that when you propagate from garden seeds, there is a possibility you may not get a genuine flower clone.

2. Set up garden beds

Setting up garden beds includes thawing, raking the soil surface, removing rocks and clay clods and combing the garden until a fine texture is achieved. Supplement your flower beds with compost and organics. Dig 6 – 8 inches before you put them in. Nitrogen will weaken your plants so try to avoid adding it when setting up your flower bed. Sprinkle the flower bed with water and let it drain for at least 24 hours.

3. Plant the flower seeds

If you picked fine flower seeds, it will be easier for you to plant them if you mix them with sand. This will also ensure even distribution. Use the back of your spade to press fine seeds lightly into the soil. If you have larger flower seeds, dig low trenches and place the seeds with the use of your hands. They should be fixed deep, far apart from one another. Regardless of seeds size, you have to make sure that the covering soil is both fine and porous so that young seedlings can easily push through.

4. Water the flower beds

Soak your seeds completely into the prepared soil. On the first time of watering your plants, you should be very cautious so that you will not disturb seed placement. The best way to prevent them from washing away or clumping together is with the use of a fine hand mister. Water your flower beds whenever necessary but be careful not to over-water. Doing so will cause your seeds to rot.

If you follow all these easy steps on how to grow flowers then you will have your personal haven in no time. All it needs is a little of your care and attention.

Good Luck !
(D.S. Utomo)