Thursday, October 21, 2010

Junk Food and Childhood Obesity

The number of children who are overweight is increasing every year. In fact, according to health research, the percentage of childhood obesity in the United States grew at an alarming rate - one of three children now considered overweight or obese. A new study released by the National Cancer Institute report has found that nearly 40 percent of the calories consumed by children aged 2 to 18 years is bad calories, most unhealthy type of calories, which come from junk food , like that comes from soda, sugar-sweet drinks, cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream, pizza, and whole milk .

The dependency on food mentioned above has been quite alarming for the health of children. This food is for the majority of genetically modified and loaded with unnatural additives, pesticides, and herbicides .. They are packaged in many interesting colors so that children beg to their parents to buy corn syrup-laced cereal and soda.

On the other hand, actually there are also many foods that come from sources of organic food that is free from toxic pesticides and others. This means that they can increase better the caloric intake of children . All food is made through a process that is cheaper with no additional preservatives and other additives, so it contains better nutrition. We have to accustom early the children to eat healthy, so they will not be overweight.

In addition, they also will be spared from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses that are usually associated with obesity..  .

Good Luck!
(DS. Utomo)


H. Nizam said...

Hello Pak Utomo,
Interesting analysis about the danger of children consuming fast food and preserved snacks.
I fully agree with you that organics food is much better.

DS. Utomo said...

Thanks for your comment, mas Harry !

Peace2Am said...

It is too true what you say about child obesity. Fast foods and sodas are delicious but you can always find things that taste good and are good for you! If you want help getting web traffic check out my blog

DS. Utomo said...

Thanks for the help. I'm just following your nice blog !