Saturday, October 2, 2010

Next Destination (Part 2) : BEOGRAD

I hope that you have read Next Destination (Part 1) : LONDON that I have posted here a couple weeks ago. And now we are going to the next travel destination, i.e. the largest city of Serbia.

Beograd or Belgrade is the capital of Serbia in Southeastern Europe. With beautiful landscapes, the city lies at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. As a largest city of the country, according to the official census in 2007, it has a population of 1,630,000 ,

If you visit this site,  you will find some information about beautiful Serbia.
For more information on Belgrade tour guide, Belgrade sightseeing and Serbian monasteries visits, please click here, or go to the web-site:

Welcome to Beograd !
(DS. Utomo)


Moja Srbija CD, mulitimedija said...

Congratulations for the nice post about Belgrade and useful links included. Great done!

DS. Utomo said...

Moja Srbija, I add your reference here

Anonymous said...

Nice posts. I like it. Thanks !